30+ Year History of Rhema Literature Distributors

Learn how we started, and read about how we expanded our worldwide distribution efforts.

Since the mid 1980's, Rhema has carried out free literature distribution. We first began to distribute Bibles and spiritual books in the Russian language to the countries of the former Soviet Union. Our primary means of distribution was by mail to each requester, but we also cooperated with other groups to spread the truth from God's Word into many places.

In 1999 the effort in the Russian language culminated in the mass distribution of a new Russian New Testament containing extensive footnotes and study materials.

In 2001, Rhema began to consider the need for free spiritual literature in other languages and countries, resulting in a gradual expansion to include other major areas of the earth. As a first wave, we added ten additional languages and prepared a standard set of books for distribution.

In 2006, Rhema drew up plans for another wave of languages, including those crucial to the Middle East and Asia.

During these past 20 years, millions of pieces of Christian literature have gone out - all free of charge.

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