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Christ Our Life

Before we were saved we lived our life by our body and soul. Our living was led by our soul: using our mind to think and consider, our emotions to like or dislike, and our will to make decisions for ourselves. After being saved it is possible for us to live by another life which is Christ Himself.

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Walking in Christ

Walking in Christ is different than walking with Christ.  We may experience both, but walking in Christ is a much deeper experience. After we have received Christ, we should walk in Him.  Receive practical help on how to walk in Christ.

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Salvation in the Bible – An Eternal Salvation

Many wonder or worry if their salvation is secure. To know this we need to first know what the Bible directly says about salvation.  Find 10 points that the Bible reveals about the security of our salvation.

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Why Does the Bible Refer to God as He?

Before anyone modifies the Bible to neutralize the gender of God, one should understand why the Bible refers to God as “He.” After all, the Bible is inspired by God, and it would be inappropriate to make any modifications which would change His meaning. God being referred to as "He" is significant and meaningful, read and find out more.

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Why is God so Hidden?

Why do people have so much trouble finding God? Why is there so much debate on whether or not there is a God? Why are there so many questions concerning God? It is because God is so hidden. Discover 4 ways God reveals Himself to man and how God can be found.

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Can You Prove God is Real?

Question number 1 in the Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning God series. Find helpful insights on how you can prove God is real. If we look in the right place and in the correct way we have found that human beings actually can prove to themselves the existence of God.

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