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Why Does the Bible Refer to God as He?

Before anyone modifies the Bible to neutralize the gender of God, one should understand why the Bible refers to God as “He.” After all, the Bible is inspired by God, and it would be inappropriate to make any modifications which would change His meaning.  God being referred to as "He" is significant and meaningful, read and find out more.

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Why is God so Hidden?

Why do people have so much trouble finding God? Why is there so much debate on whether or not there is a God? Why are there so many questions concerning God? It is because God is so hidden. Discover 4 ways God reveals Himself to man and how God can be found.

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Can You Prove God is Real?

Question number 1 in the Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning God series.  Find helpful insights on how you can prove God is real.  If we look in the right place and in the correct way we have found that human beings actually can prove to themselves the existence of God.

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10 Types of Jesus in the Bible

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The entire Bible speaks about Jesus. In the Old Testament it is by types, shadows, pictures and prophecies of Jesus. There are hundreds, even thousands of years between the types, shadows, pictures and prophecies of Jesus and when Jesus lived his life on earth. Not only do these show how wonderfully and divinely inspired the Bible is, the pictures of Jesus in the Old Testament help show us more about this wonderful person.  Here are 10 types that show us more about who Jesus is and what they mean to you today.

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The Life of Jesus in the Bible

We have all heard about God, and many have heard about Jesus. But who is Jesus? Is He only a man and a great prophet who did many good deeds and changed the world through His good teachings? Or is He something more? Is He, as many say, the "Son of God"?

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Who is God and What is God Like?

We have many concepts about who God is.  Many times our concepts about God are inaccurate.  It is possible to know what God is like.  The Bible tells us who God is and we can enter into a personal relationship with God that confirms what He is like.

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God, Where Are You? Learn How To Find God

Have you ever wondered why God seems so hard to find? If He is so great and mighty, why doesn’t He make Himself known? We can wonder too, why some of our friends and family may have a similar characteristic. They may be brilliantly talented in art, a genius in science, or a prodigy in music. Yet, despite their obvious greatness, they sometimes are the most humble, quiet and hidden people. This is puzzling, but you cannot deny that this person is greater than one who boasts in his accomplishments and abilities.

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Does God Exist? 4 Ways We Can Know God Exists

This age-old question has plagued man for thousands of years. The mere fact that generation after generation continues to ask this question could be proof enough that God exists. However, whether you claim to be an atheist, an agnostic, a believer, or a seeker of the truth, we are not here to force you to believe that there is a God. We are here simply to present to you what we have found helpful in our seeking of the existence of God, so that you can come to your own conclusion of whether there is or there is not a God.

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