Living the Christian Life

Find Practical Insights and Help for Living the Christian Life

In the New Testament Paul presents a clear picture of our Christian life being a very active, serious, and constant. He likens our life and living to a race: run with endurance the race which is set before us Hebrews 12:1b.

These are some of the topics from the books we distribute can help you have an active Christian living and give you the endurance to "run the race".


Christ Our Life

Before we were saved we lived our life by our body and soul. Our living was led by our soul: using our mind to think and consider, our emotions to like or dislike, and our will to make decisions for ourselves. After being saved it is possible for us to live by another life which is Christ Himself.

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Walking in Christ

Walking in Christ is different than walking with Christ.  We may experience both, but walking in Christ is a much deeper experience. After we have received Christ, we should walk in Him.  Receive practical help on how to walk in Christ.

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Salvation in the Bible – An Eternal Salvation

Many wonder or worry if their salvation is secure. To know this we need to first know what the Bible directly says about salvation.  Find 10 points that the Bible reveals about the security of our salvation.

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The Parts of Man in the Bible

It is important for us to know the different parts of our being and how they are used to contact different realms. This is especially crucial in order for God to be real to us.

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