Thank you for your interest in our books. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we only have ebooks available for download at this time, as we have had to suspend mailing books. If you download the eBooks but would still like to receive printed books when we can mail again, or if you would like to wait to order until printed books become available, please check back at our website in a few months.

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Rema izplata augstākās kvalitātes kristīgo literatūru vairāk nekā 100 valstīs un vairāk nekā 30 valodās. Mēs izplatām pēc vienkārša principa - visa mūsu literatūra tiek izdalīta pilnīgi bez maksas.Pirmā grāmata mūsu bezmaksas kristīgo grāmatu sērijā ir Kristīgas dzīves pamatelementi.

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Our books can help you know the Bible, learn about Christ, and supply practical help for your Christian life. This series contains 7 books that are in 3 sets. The topics in this series progress and are a wonderful supply for everyone.

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Learn How our Series Works:

We offer 7 free books that are arranged in a 3-part series. They cover a progression of topics on the Bible and the Christian life that build upon one another, making it a perfect series for anyone to read. We suggest you read the books in the following order for maximum benefit.

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