Rhema is a nonprofit charity that distributes free Christian books

Learn about what we do as a nonprofit charity, the history of our activities and how you can participate.

Rhema Literature Distributors is a group of believers throughout the earth engaged in a single mission - to actively distribute the highest quality Christian literature. In over 100 countries and more than 25 languages, we distribute according to a simple principle - all our literature is given away completely free.

We are distributing the books that have helped us the most to understand the Bible and to know and experience Christ in our daily life. In particular, we work closely with Living Stream Ministry to distribute a number of key titles by their authors.

We are a nonprofit charity whose distribution is made possible by gifts from believers and churches from all over the world. They have entrusted us with the means to be a free and broad channel of supply to all those seeking to know God in a deep and satisfying way.

Our Faith

People occasionally ask about our beliefs. Here is our statement of faith. Adhering to these beliefs is not a requirement for receiving our books. Our books are freely available to anyone with any beliefs.

We at Rhema hold to the common faith which is shared by all the believers, the contents of which have been presented once for all in the New Testament. In particular, this common New Testament faith is composed of the following matters which we believe regarding the Bible, God, Christ, salvation, and eternity:

  • The Bible is the complete divine revelation, and each word is inspired by God through the Holy Spirit.
  • God is unique and eternally one, and yet He is also eternally triune as the Father, Son, and Spirit with these three being distinct but not separate.
  • God in Christ was incarnated to be a genuine, perfect man named Jesus. He was crucified on the cross, dying a vicarious death for our redemption. On the third day he rose up from the dead, resurrecting with a glorified body. He ascended to God's right hand and was made the Lord of all.
  • Man sinned and is sinful, and as such he fell under God's judgment. But through Christ's vicarious death, the way was opened for man to receive salvation from sin and God's judgment. Whenever any person repents to God and believes into the Lord Jesus Christ, he receives eternal salvation, the forgiveness of sins, justification before God, and even peace with God. Based on this, a saved person receives the divine life and nature, making him a child of God and a member of Christ's Body in which all the believers grow and are built up together unto maturity.
  • Christ is coming again to the earth to receive His believers to Himself. In eternity we will dwell with God in the New Jerusalem, the consummation of God’s salvation of His elect.

Our goal at Rhema is to supply freely a unique collection of Christian writings that we believe will maximize the reader's understanding and experience of this New Testament faith. The believers not only enjoy an eternal salvation in Christ through His redemption, but also a daily saving in His life, which can be practically realized by the spiritual food from the Bible. This has been our experience; we hope it will be yours also.

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