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These free books are simple, deep, practical and life-changing. Read all the books in our free Christian literature series available in eBook or paperback format.

Enjoy this free gift of high-quality Christian books.

About Our Printed Book Series

A 3-part sequential series of 7 books.

How firm is your foundation?

Free Christian book - Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume One

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume One

This book will help you know God's plan for man. It opens up four key experiences that are essential for both new and experienced Christians, helping you to gain a solid base for a rich and meaningful Christian life.

How can I deepen my relationship with God?

Free Christian book - Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two

Spending time alone with the Lord each morning causes our relationship with God to be sweet and personal. This time will cause us to advance in our Christian life in a progressive and dynamic way. Discover how simple it can be to have these times with the Lord by reading this book.

Do you seek an unlimited experience of Christ?

Free Christian book - The All-Inclusive Christ

The All-Inclusive Christ

We first must see how unlimited Christ is before we can enter into the experience of this "All-Inclusive Christ". This book will help you to see and enter in. In this exposition of Deuteronomy, see how the wonderful picture of the Good Land of Canaan is a picture of who Christ is to His believers.

Why should God's eternal purpose matter to me?

Free Christian book - The Economy of God

The Economy of God

The whole Bible describes God's eternal purpose and how He fulfills it. An astonishing fact is that God doesn't want to fulfill this plan by Himself. He decided to include man. As believers in Christ we are all part of God's plan. So, how do you participate in this plan? Read this book to see why we are key in His purpose.

Is there more than just living by right and wrong?

Free Christian book - Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three

Society teaches us to conduct ourselves by the principle of right and wrong, but what does the Bible say about this? The Bible shows us a higher principle we can live by: the principle of life. God wants us to live by this principle for the accomplishing of God's eternal plan.

How do I grow in my Christian Life?

Free Christian book - The Knowledge of Life

The Knowledge of Life

In order to grow in life, we must know what life is, where it comes from and how to obtain this life. The answers don't reside in the improvement of behavior, the mere increase in knowledge, or in gifts or power. Gain the understanding and leading for the growth in life.

Does God see the church differently than we do?

Free Christian book - The Glorious Church

The Glorious Church

When we hear the word "church" we may not even realize our thought is full of human concepts. This book will renew your thoughts by showing you how God sees the church. The Bible shows us four outstanding figures that show us God's perspective concerning the church. Don't limit your understanding. We invite you to see the church in a glorious way.

About the Authors

The authors of our distributed books are Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Read more about the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee here.

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