Basic Elements of the Christian Life - Volume Three

by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three

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  • Explore how Christianity is based not on the mere standard of right and wrong, but on life.
  • Learn how to live by and satisfy this divine life within you.
  • Discover what God's eternal plan for the church is.
  • Know that the Bible is firstly a book of life and not just a book of outward standards. Learn how to enjoy, taste, and live by the Word of God.

Watchman Nee and Witness Lee reveal that there is a higher principle to live by than mere right or wrong. When we allow the life of God to operate in us, this brings us into a proper living, which results in cooperating with God for the building up of the Church.

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three

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"There are further experiences of Christ that are basic to the Christian life. As believers, we should live according to the higher principle of life, rather than just the principle of right and wrong. When the life of God operates in us, the shining of this life brings us into a proper living and builds us up with other believers into a corporate expression of God, which is the church. In Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three, by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, these experiences are detailed. These messages will impart spiritual food into all believers for both their personal growth in the Lord and for the growth and building up of the church."

  1. Two Principles of Living: The Principle of Life or the Principle of Right and Wrong: Have you ever been caught up in the struggle of figuring out what is the right, godly thing to do? We have been raised according the principle of right and wrong, but now as Christians, our standard is higher - to live according to God's life! In this life-changing chapter, Watchman Nee opens up this practical matter of living by the principle of life.
  2. The Way to Build Up the Church: We have a purpose today on earth and that is to build up the church as the Body of Christ. In this chapter you'll realize how you can have a part in God's desire for the church right now.
  3. Pray-reading the Word: As a Christian, there is the necessity of growth. Just as it would be strange for a baby to remain a baby, it is also abnormal for a Christian to have no growth. How do we grow in the Lord? It is by the spiritual milk and nourishment in the Word of God! Witness Lee gives us the secret of how to take the Word of God in a living way by prayer.