Our Books Help You Understand the Bible

Enlarge your understanding of the Bible and get nourished by God's Word.

By reading through our books in a sequential order you will learn about the Bible and the key points. Reading our books are a supplement to reading the Bible, and can help improve your understanding of all the points of the basic Christian faith. Our books help provide a good foundation for your Christian life.

Many of the central items in the Bible are expounded in detail, such as: Christ, the Church, the life of God, and the work of God today. Included are many interpretations of stories, parables, signs, types and figures from the Bible that can help you understand the Bible.

Read the Bible for Spiritual Growth

When we come to reading the Bible our need isn’t only to understand or gain knowledge from the Bible. We need to be nourished and supplied spiritually by the Word of God - this is our primary need. We still need to have a proper understanding of the Bible, and our books help with this, but we need to go beyond this and learn to also touch the spirit, life and food that are contained in the Bible.

The Bible says that it is milk, food, sweeter than honey and that we should eat the words. How can we do this? This isn’t a physical eating, but a spiritual eating by which we can grow unto maturity.

In Greek there are two words for word - logos and rhema. Logos is the written, constant word. Rhema is the instant, current spoken word. The words in the Bible contain spirit and life, and they can be food to us as the rhema word. We need to learn the way to take in the written words in the Bible and convert them to the instant speaking of God to us in order to receive the spiritual contents of the word. Our books contain the way to do this and can enrich your experience when you read the Bible. We have been helped much by these books and this is why we decided to call ourselves Rhema Literature Distributors.

Bible Study Resources

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