Basic Elements of the Christian Life - Volume Two

by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two

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  • Do you find your reading of the Bible dry? Learn practical ways to be supplied through the Word of God.
  • What is true worship? Enter into the real worship that the Father seeks.
  • Learn how to pray effectively and wait on the Lord.
  • Be saved from a superficial Christian life by being deeply rooted in Christ.

Watchman Nee and Witness Lee present three basic elements for sustaining a healthy Christian Life - spending time with the Lord, contacting Him in a simple way, and growing deeply in Him. These keys will help you find nourishment in God's Word, contact Christ at any time or any moment, and experience God in a deep, sweet and hidden way.

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two

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I am totally in love with Basic Elements Volune one and cannot wait to read the rest of the books. Thank you soo much and may god bless you all. Thanks :-)

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"The central point of the Christian life is to know Christ Himself. For this we need to contact and experience Him in a living way day by day. This experience involves some basic elements, including proper spiritual food, regular spiritual worship, and deep spiritual growth. In Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two, by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, three basic elements for a healthy Christian life are presented: spending time with the Lord, contacting Him in a simple way, and growing deeply in Him. These messages will bring seeking Christians into the rich nourishment in God’s Word, into moment-by-moment contact with Christ, and into the deep, hidden experience of God."

  1. A Time With the Lord: This crucial chapter starts out with a striking story of one of Andrew Murray's discoveries - of the whole congregation he was speaking to, only one prayed 30 minutes a day and most spent only 5 minutes praying a day. However, effectual prayer is absolutely vital in our Christian life! Witness Lee gives us helpful points on how to pray meaningful prayers with the Lord and how to read the Word of God to receive spiritual nourishment.
  2. A Simple Way to Touch the Lord: In addition to having personal morning time with the Lord in prayer and in the Word, there is still the rest of our day. This chapter opens up a very practical and simple way to touch, find and worship the Lord at any moment and in any place.
  3. Deep Calls Unto Deep: Are you yearning for deeper experiences of the Lord? As you grow in the Lord you will find that your experiences are not only for yourself, but for others also. As we let the Lord go deeper into our being and as we are rooted in Him, others' lives will be profoundly affected. Once our inner being is touched, others will receive help and enlightenment. Begin to enter into the reality of this experience through reading this chapter.