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In 2020 we hit the milestone of making our books available as eBooks in 40 languages and have continued to add more languages since. We would like to share with you our burden and commission from the Lord, and why having these books available in many languages is important to us.

Matthew 24:14 says “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” In this passage the Lord speaks regarding the coming Kingdom of God and the consummation of the age. The gospel of the kingdom involves more than initially praying to receive the Lord. It involves a further step requiring growth and maturity in the divine life that we have received. “Until we all arrive at the oneness of the faith and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, at a full-grown man, at the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13). We have found this series of books to be a solid base both for presenting the gospel of grace and the gospel of the kingdom spoken of in Matthew 24:14.

In Genesis 11 we see that initially all people spoke only one language. However, the people came together to build a great city and tower to make a name for themselves in rebellion against God. As a result, God came in to judge and scatter the people and brought in many languages so they could not understand one another. This is the negative origin of the languages spoken today.

We see in Matt. 24:14 that the gospel of the kingdom must be preached to the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to the nations. While languages may divide people, the translation and interpretation of the Bible into many languages allows the gospel of the kingdom to reach all the nations. The Greek word for nations is ethnos which denotes the ethnic people. Since culture and language are very closely related, for there to be a testimony to the local people in a country, translation into languages is needed.

Today there is the need to make available high-quality Christian literature in all major languages to fulfill Matt. 24:14. To accomplish this goal, we are burdened to continue to add more languages. May the Lord bless the translation and our free distribution of this Christian literature series.

Book Spotlight - The Glorious Church

In The Glorious Church Watchman Nee asks a fundamental question: “Why did God create man? What was His purpose in creating man?” To answer this question he uses Genesis 1:26. In this verse God explains His purpose in creating man: “Let them [man] have dominion over…all the earth.” Dominion is related to the gospel of the kingdom, a gospel which emphasizes the heavenly ruling of God and the authority of the Lord. It is also related to something Watchman Nee terms the work of God, a work that causes Satan to suffer a fatal loss:

Therefore, we must distinguish the difference between the work of saving souls and the work of God. Many times the work of saving souls is not necessarily the work of God. Saving souls solves the problem of man, but the work of God requires that man exercise authority to have dominion over all things created by Him. God needs an authority in His creation, and He has chosen man to be that authority. If we were here just for ourselves as mere men, then all our seeking and longing would be to love the Lord more and to be more holy, more zealous, and save more souls. All of these pursuits are good indeed, but they are too man-centered. These things are concerned simply with the benefit of man; God's work and God's need are entirely neglected. We must see that God has His need. We are on this earth not merely for man's need but even more for God's need….

We do not lightly esteem the work of gospel preaching, but if all our work is just preaching the gospel and saving souls, we are not causing Satan to suffer fatal loss. If man has not restored the earth from the hand of Satan, he has not yet achieved God's purpose in creating him. Saving souls is often only for the welfare of man, but dealing with Satan is for the benefit of God. Saving souls solves man's need, but dealing with Satan satisfies God's need. (The Glorious Church, pp. 10-11)

May we freshly consecrate ourselves to the Lord in these days that God's Kingdom may come and His will be done on earth.

Gospel Tract

Read the tract "The Mystery of Human Life" so you may share the gospel with other and share it online.

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Christ Our Life

Before we were saved we lived our life by our body and soul. Our living was led by our soul: using our mind to think and consider, our emotions to like or dislike, and our will to make decisions for ourselves. After being saved it is possible for us to live by another life which is Christ Himself.

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Life-Study of the Bible Radio

Life-study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.

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You may download our eBooks in the available languages and share them with others who may be interested in reading them.

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