10 Types of Jesus in the Bible

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The entire Bible speaks about Jesus. In the Old Testament it is by types, shadows, pictures and prophecies of Jesus. There are hundreds, even thousands of years between the types, shadows, pictures and prophecies of Jesus and when Jesus lived his life on earth. Not only do these show how wonderfully and divinely inspired the Bible is, the pictures of Jesus in the Old Testament help show us more about this wonderful person.  Here are 10 types that show us more about who Jesus is and what they mean to you today.

10 types of who Jesus is in the Bible

Read more about how the Good Land of Canaan shows us who Jesus is to us in the book The All-Inclusive Christ.

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Educative and inspiring

Daniel Darko,

I'm weak I get tempted and want to make it available as a believer .but things against Christ is not acceptable yet I long them.

Indwar, India


Sumit , India

I want a copy of MR Morning Revival from January 2015 up to present electronic copy in english version coz for my records... Thanks...

Joel, Philippines
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