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“...And they read in the book,...interpreting and giving the sense, so that they understood the reading.” — Nehemiah 8:8

Set 1 of the Free Bible Study Books:

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, volume 1

Set 1

Study the Basic Elements of the Christian Life


     In this first volume:


          Study the Mystery of Human Life

          Study the Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation

          Study Calling on the Name of the Lord

          Study the Key to Experiencing Christ-—the Human Spirit

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The Bible is God's very Word, inspired by Him,
(2 Tim. 3:16). We can take this Word, believe this Word, and trust this Word.
--Set 1, Page 12

Excellent Bible Study materials. This free seven-book series enhances personal or group Bible studies and injects new vitality into the study of the Bible. Especially useful as Bible studies for new Christians, the series has an impact on all ages and is of tremendous value in opening the Bible.
Perfect for Bible studies of all sizes. Used as the main Bible study material or as a Bible study resource, these free books are fellowship-stimulating, Bible truth-revealing, experience-producing, and life-changing. Order the introductory book of the series to be revitalized by the full impact of the Word of God.

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Use in Group Bible studies.
   “We have been using it when we have prayer/bible study.”—EM, St Albans
   “Please send me twelve copies for a bible study group that I attend.”-Bristol

Find Help for Bible study.
   “This book is a wonderful supplement to my bible studies. Peace be with you.”—AW, Dudley
   “Although long retired, I still lead a weekly Bible study group and find your books very helpful in preparation.”—Pastor RD, Halifax

Understand the Bible Better.
   “I am very thankful for the books you have sent to me. They help me to understand the Word of God. The books are rich... Now, because of their content, things are unveiled to me which I didn't understand or was indifferent to... Now every word in the Word of God, the Bible, is important to me...”—Poland

Know the Bible Better.
   “God bless you richly. I am enjoying the Gospel of John and the Basic Elements of the Christian Life. It enables me to know more of the Bible and to understand it better. It encourages me to study my Bible.”—London

   “Thank you for the biblical literature in the two sets you sent me. I enjoyed reading every one of them, and have gained a greater insight and depth of understanding into God’s Word.”—SM, Ireland

   “The in-depth teaching and revelation have transformed my life greatly. In fact I eat each of these books like food every day.” —JO, London